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Brief Summary of Chapter 1, When Cancer Knocked at My Door!

Breast Cancer appeared suddenly in me in the summer of 2012. I was a healthy individual with no family history of any type of cancer. The genetic testing of the removed tumor identified that I had a BRCA1 gene mutation which puts females at high risk for breast and ovarian cancer. I was prescribed 8 chemoctherapy treatments. These were poisonous enough which brought me close to dying but did not kill me. Hysterectomy followed in addition to double mastectomy and breast re-construction. My husband and entire family stood by me like a rock. My friends helped. One does not go on a caner journey alone.

This was the hardest treatment that I went through. I did not find myself complaining or asking "why me" during this time. It felt like a huge project to get through which lasted 8-9 months. I grew spirtiually during this time by reading books like "The Wise Heart" and "The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying". I worried for my children that they will need to test for BRCA1 gene mutation. Over time, I lost that fear as I accepted that there will be better treatements which will be more targeted when they grew up.

I certainly learnt the value of a healthy day when one could eat whatever they wanted, go anywhere they wanted without worrying about immunity. I learnt the value of family, loved ones, shortness of this precarious life, and that anything can happen to anyone at anytime! Do not waste a single day. This life will pass us by quickly.

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