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Why am I born as an Indian Female?

There was a time when I would see men’s career being on a faster trajectory than mine. As a hardworking and driven person, It used to bother me and make me ask the question of “Why am I born as a female?” Furthermore, “Why am I born as an Indian female?”


As I wrote in my earlier blog, we are a lot more than our physical senses. If that is the case, what is that lot more? For me, that is our basic essence, the soul, that is same in all of us. Once our physical self is annihilated, this soul returns to its source. Whereas the physical body is time-bound, the soul is timeless. Souls have likely been born into many different physical bodies and personalities to reach a certain level of perfection that it is seeking.


My birth as an Indian female was exactly what my soul needed in this life to advance itself. First as a person of Indian heritage, I have been exposed to Hinduism. I do not practice Hindu rituals, but I view Hinduism as a way of life. If I am a better person today than I was yesterday when it comes to compassion, empathy, non-attachment, and love, I am on the right path. Knowing some of the Indian languages has made it easier to understand Buddhist writings. I have seen utter poverty yet goodwill in people of India. I learnt the meaning of “It takes a village to raise a child” watching how Indian communities were when I was younger where people did truly care for the community. I am certain that a lot has changed over the years, but these are my nostalgic thoughts.


Why am I born as a female? I carry tendencies of putting my education and career ahead of anything or anyone. I had to be born as a female so I could learn what it is like to nurture a life when I had my own children. This gave me a lot of appreciation for my own mother.


I would not change a thing – I appreciate the body that I have been born in, the family that taught me so much, and the culture that has provided such deep appreciation for all life.


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