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The Law of Karma

Our actions have consequences.


Actions can be of mind, body, or speech. Every action starts with an intention. So, it is fair to say that our every intention (cause) has an effect. We want to match our intentions with the effects that we want to see. This is how karma works! Karma, in fact, is nothing more than balancing of energy – for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction! The Universe is impersonal as it returns what we put into it. We put out love, kindness, and compassion, that is what we will get back. Often, our actions do not match what we really want in life. This is a good time to think about what is important to you, and then match the actions to it.


Many of us think that the effect of our karma lasts only in this life. This is likely not correct. Every action that has yet not produced a result will balance itself out in some future lifetime. Therefore, in this present life, when something happens, we may not always know the reason behind it.


It is important that we remain neutral instead of judging when misfortune falls on us or someone else. It may just be the soul trying to balance its energy. Here we learn to see the circumstances from the place of compassion and look at every situation from the level of the soul. We keep the compassionate heart open, instead.


Sometimes, we meet people who are cruel. To not create future karma for ourselves, we see and recognize the situation from the place of compassion, but we do not participate in judging it. A soul does not judge. Our actions must not be from the place of righteousness or from the feeling of holier than though. Nothing escapes the law of karma.


To not create negative karma, we can live consciously where our actions of speech, body, and mind are wholesome.


The wholesome actions of speech are: no gossiping, no frivolous talk, no anger, and no lying.


The wholesome actions of body are: no killing of any life, no stealing or taking what is not given, and no misconduct by using our body.


The wholesome actions of mind are: no rejoicing over someone's misfortune, no wanting for what others have, no ill will/fear/anger, and no wrong view.


May this year bring us all immense peace, joy, and happiness!


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