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The Art Work for "Faith and Perseverance - My Journey"

Niyati Bedekar completed the sleeve art for the book. She is a passionate UX leader, with a deep love for understanding users, and creating meaningful interactions for them. She currently leads a team of UX researchers in a biotechnology company focused on next-generation genetic sequencing. When not immersed in the world of user research, Niyati can be found exploring new literary worlds through reading, embarking on exciting travel adventures, and experimenting with brushes and pens on the canvas, and flavors in the kitchen.

The maps in the book were digitally created by Amrin Bhangu. Amrin Bhangu, a chemical engineer and hobbyist artist hailing from British Columbia, Canada, has had a lifelong passion for both digital and traditional illustration. His style draws inspiration from the flowy, organic forms found in nature and the punchy contrast of graphic design.

The author is deeply grateful to these artists.

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