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My Brief Write Up - Bhagvad Geeta

Dear Readers,

I am by no means an expert in Bhagvad Geeta; here, I took some time to write down a few nuggets on this holy book as I understood them.

1.     In this world, there are no distinctions between "ours" and "others." Those who stand by us in times of adversity are truly “ours”.


2.     Regretting the past, including the loss of loved ones, only brings sorrow. Similarly, fretting over the future serves no purpose. Misery arises from dwelling on the past and worrying about the future. Live neither in the past nor in the future. Dedicate yourself to diligent and ethical action in the present moment, for that is all we truly have.


3.     The fear of death is a futile expenditure of time. Death is inevitable for all that is born; it marks the beginning of another journey. The soul is eternal. Recognize the brevity of your existence. Fear not the inevitable; do not cling to possessions or titles, for we arrive and depart empty-handed.


4.     Without mastery over the mind and thoughts, inner peace remains elusive. Though we can discern right from wrong, we often allow our minds to dictate our actions. Until we learn to govern our minds, true peace will elude us. This demands constant mindfulness and practice. Pursuing wealth and victory incessantly will not grant peace; true peace arises from mastering the mind.


5.     Unbridled desires, anger, and greed serve as gateways to personal torment.


6.     All lives are equal; none is superior or inferior. The same essence animates all beings. Do not perceive anyone as greater or lesser.


7.     The pursuit of pleasure often leads to suffering. By incessantly chasing pleasure, we subject ourselves to pain. We become enslaved to pleasure and are ill-prepared for adversity.


8.     Place your trust in God rather than relying on others, and all your needs will be met. Why mourn over losses or unfulfilled desires? We arrive empty-handed and depart likewise.


9.     What is "ours" today will belong to “someone else” tomorrow. Everything in this universe, including our bodies, relationships, and possessions, is transient. Why lament and worry?


10.  Do not cling excessively to anyone or anything, for attachment weakens us and makes us vulnerable in times of hardship. Attachment inflicts profound suffering. Release attachments if you seek strength and liberation from suffering. Attachment blinds us to the truth.


11.  Dukkha is an inherent part of existence. Do not despair; where there is suffering, joy will also arise. Fear not, for everything is impermanent. Victory and defeat, honor and dishonor, joy and sorrow—nothing is permanent.

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