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Beyond Sensory Existence!

Is there a place where you lose sense of your physical body? Have you ever met someone whose presence brings you immense peace?

Human body has been endowed with physical senses to interact with the world. What if we could access our internal energy field where there is no difference in any life, and where only love prevails? You may reach this experience of oneness with all life in meditation. For me, this energy shows itself as being bathed in a blue light during some meditation sessions. This blueness is as vast as the sky and as wide as an ocean surface. This energy also makes me understand why Hindu Gods such as Krishna and Rama are shown as having blue bodies.

Snow-capped mountains of Glacier Nation Park, redness of the soil in Sedona, entrance arch of Machu Picchu, and ancient Indian Buddhist caves (Ajanta and Ellora) were places which carried immense peace for me. Some homes also carry a certain field of energy that makes one peaceful. These are heavenly places. Heaven and hell are not elsewhere. These exist here, and these are our creations.

In the presence of someone like Swami Chinmayananda or even a lay person, one can sense that they are operating from a different field. Their eyes reflect love towards all; their actions are not hurried yet they are immensely accomplished; their speech is kind; they have no agenda; and their happiness is independent of the worldly situations.

When you get used to accessing this energy, you will not harm anyone. Instead, you will understand the meaning of what Mother Teresa said, “Love until it hurts.” You will also understand the meaning of the song, “I will kiss the ground that you walk on baby!”

We are all one. There is only one Universal Energy that our soul emanates from, and we will dissolve into it when our physical body dies.

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