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A Silent Grace

 In the hush of the yoga hall, a figure strides in,

Midst the flowing poses, where stillness begins.

He's new to this space, uncertain and lone.

No guiding hand, no friendly tone.

Silent gazes linger, but none makes a move,

He stands adrift, unsure what to do.

Yet from afar, a spirit takes flight,

With kindness ablaze, in the dimming light.

She, the farthest soul in the room, springs into motion,

To bridge the gap, with heartfelt devotion.

Brisk steps carry her to his side,

Guiding him gently, with grace as her guide.

Tears glisten softly, As she returns,

for she saw Buddha in his quiet sighs.

A sacred connection, in silence unbound.

Gratitude fills her, a warmth so pure,

For she's touched a life, made a soul endure.

For in this act, she found her aim.

If only he knew, the depth of her sight,

That she glimpsed the divine, in the midst of his plight.

With God in his being, she saw it clear,

A moment of grace, so precious, so dear.

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