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Kiran Joshi, Ph.D.

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“Faith and Perseverance – My Journey” is Kiran Joshi’s compilation of experiences of dealing with breast cancer along with the immigrant’s journey, sacrifices made by the family to get her to the University, struggles with finding a job, reaching to an executive level at Silicon Valley, and then learning to let it all go.

She is the first member of her family to be diagnosed with any type of cancer. She writes about discovering the tumor, making sense that the tumor is related to the BRCA1 gene mutation, dealing with chemotherapy and its side effects, and coming to terms with the decision to get double mastectomy, breast reconstruction, and hysterectomy. She describes the support from family and friends during this difficult time which sustains her. She chronicles what her family members were going through during this time. The book also details her spiritual strength that helps her through this challenging time without complaining or asking, “Why me!”, along with the Buddhist books which deepened her spiritual faith.  This book also details what it is like to return to work after taking almost a year off to deal with this ordeal.

The book outlines her journey as an immigrant from India to Canada as a teenager, challenges confronted, sacrifices made by her family to get her to the University of British Columbia where she goes on to get a Ph.D. degree. She writes about learning from difficult people through her postdoctoral work, getting to Silicon Valley, struggles with finding a job, reaching to the executive position, and then learning to let it all go as it all disperses in the end including our titles, bodies, and possessions.

She weaves in spirituality into her experiences as a working mother, child rearing, and learning to do her best at work and at home.

There is a spiritual thread throughout the book including her spiritual journey from the young age of five in addition to what some of the Indian Saints taught her.

This book will be useful for anyone dealing with cancer, providing support to a cancer patient, and for those who are still struggling to let Cancer go after being in remission. This book makes a good reading for young working mothers who are trying to do their best both at work and home. The spiritual thread throughout the book is useful for those on spiritual path or aspiring to pursue spirituality, and for those wanting to learn that nothing lasts.



“Thank you for trusting me with your story.  I have always admired the way you carry yourself with a peaceful composure and confidence.  As a Western reader, I learned so much from reading your perspective.  If faced with the challenges you faced, I hope that I will be able to adopt your grace and the attitude of forgiveness.”

A Young Colleague 

"Wow!  It has been percolating through me.  A part will come into my memory at various times, as though it is ready to be integrated into my experiences and understood.  It provokes thought, issue after issue.  Your openness makes it raw. And rare.  

Many American women would be expected to put a positive spin on the health issue. You spoke about your feelings in a way I am still not able to.

I was able to retain it because it was all one continuous story-form with some philosophy woven in, described as your personal struggle.  So that is what I think made so much of the material memorable and set it to work in my mind."

A Longtime Friend and Cancer Survivor

“Great book; very motivating and touching.  Loved reading it.  Your spirituality shines through clearly; continue your journey.”

A Family Member

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Kiran Joshi is a longtime Bay Area resident who has been on a spiritual journey from an early age. She has a Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada. This book is a compilation of her experiences of dealing with breast cancer, immigration, the family sacrifices to get her to the university, the job search and career that eventually gets her to executive level, working at a start-up company in Silicon Valley, and then learning to let it all go as everything eventually disperses including our bodies, titles, and possessions.



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